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Airside日本のクリエイティブ・ディレクター、Henki Leung(ヘンキ・レオン)はロンドンスタジオで10年にわたりクリエイティブの中核を担い、その後拠点を日本へと移し、Airside日本を立ち上げました。ヘンキと共に、Airsideの卓越したクリエイティブと理念は日本スタジオへと引き継がれ、UKで活躍するアニメーター、CGアーティスト、またサウンドクリエイターと連携しながら、魅力たっぷりのロンドンクリエイティブを提供しています。

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At Airside Nippon Shop, we are mainly selling the artwork Henki created for his exhibitions.

Airside Nippon, a creative studio in Tokyo founded in 2011 as the first overseas studio of the award winning London studio Airside (1998 – 2012).

Henki Leung, creative director / designer at Airside Nippon started his career at Airside which lasted over a decade. His humor and simple use of graphics was a defining factor in building Airside London’s reputation. In 2010 Henki moved to Tokyo bringing with him the Airside sense and spirit and founded Airside Nippon in 2011.